Consultancy APM




  1. Scrutiny of structural design of cable suspended bridge at Nagpur (RITIES)
  2. Structural design of several hostel buildings (Department of Social Justice, Mumbai)
  3. Structural design of elevated water tanks (Jalswaraj Yojna, Govt. of Maharashtra)
  4. Vibration of testing of valve of various capacities (NICO Industries, Nagpur)
  5. Structural scrutiny of machine foundation for UHDE India Ltd., Mumbai
  6. Concrete ultrasonic testing of nine RCC Girder bridges before and after Epoxy for PWD, Maharashtra
  7. Structural stability certification of ordnance factory buildings at Nagpur and Jabalpur
  8. Strengthening of water tank building at Newasa, Panoti, Adgaon
  9. Vibration checking of plant building at INDORAMA industries, Nagpur
  10. FE analysis of tube support for Hurtey Petrochem Mumbai
  11. Investigation in failure of transmission towers for MSEB