Programme Outcomes (POs) APM

Students are able to



  1. Acquire knowledge of structural engineering and be able to discriminate, evaluate, analyze and integrate existing and new knowledge
  2. Critically analyze and carry out independent research on complex problems of structural engineering
  3. Conceptualize and design civil engineering structures considering various socio-economic factors
  4. Carry out systematic research, design appropriate experiments and tools, and interpret experimental and analytical data for development   of technological knowledge in structural engineering
  5. Create, decide and judiciously apply appropriate resources, tools & techniques in handling various problems in structural engineering
  6. Function productively with others as part of collaborative and multi-disciplinary team
  7. Understand critical issues for professional practice such as detailing work and the interaction with contractors during construction phase of a project
  8. Communicate effectively with written, oral and visual means, the design and research outcomes to the stakeholders
  9. Recognize state-of-the-art need and will be able to engage in life-long learning
  10. Understand professional and ethical responsibility while carryout out research and design activities
  11. Critically analyze, scrutinize and rectify one’s decisions and actions and apply self corrective measures