M D Goel >>Professional Details

July 2016 till date           : Assistant Professor
                                           Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT),
                                           Nagpur, Maharashtra India. (www.vnit.ac.in)

July 2014 to July 2016    : Scientist
                                         CSIR – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI),
                                         Nagpur, Maharashtra India. (www.neeri.res.in)

May 2006 to July 2014    : Scientist
                                          CSIR- Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI),
                                          Bhopal, M.P. India. (www.ampri.res.in)

April 2004 to Oct. 2006   : Teaching Assistant
                                          Department of Applied Mechanics, VNIT Nagpur
                                          Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. (www.vnit.ac.in)

Jan. 2004 to April 2004   : Lecturer (Adhoc)
                                          Department of Civil Engineering,
                                          K.D.K. College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

May 2003 to Jan. 2004  : International Metro Civil Contractors (IMCC), New Delhi, India.
                                         (A JV of Dywidag – L&T – Samsung – Ircon – Shimizu)