M D Goel >>Ph.D. Thesis and M.Tech Dissertations Refered

Ph. D. Thesis:

1. Laxminarayan. K. (2015). "Strength and Safety Evaluation of Steam Turbine Casing", Ph.D. Thesis, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore, India.


M.Tech. Dissertations:

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External Examiner


Jagadeeswara Rao, A.

Flexural Behaviour of High Strength Steel

Dr. A.Y. Vyavahare

June, 2014

Dr. M. D. Goel


Pathipaka, Sachin

Behaviour of Fillet Weld Under Shear, Out of Plane Bending and Axial Force

Dr. A.Y. Vyavahare

June, 2014

Dr. M. D. Goel


Dhule, Prashant M.

Performance of Concrete with Different Types of Fibres

Dr. S.S. Gadve

June, 2014

Dr. M. D. Goel


Labhade, Kishore

Measurement of Internal Forces of Frame Member

Dr. A.Y. Vyavahare

June, 2015

Dr. M. D. Goel