M D Goel >>Research Projects

  1. Indigenous design and development of high strain rate characterization machine for characterization of soft materials (SERB, DST),  Government of India, Rs. 42,35,000/- (Ongoing)
  2. Numerical simulation of dynamics of blast hardened structure and crew response against blast loads using LS-Dyna (DRDO), Government of India, Rs. 19,92,000/- (Ongoing)
  3. Characterization of rock and fiber-reinforced concrete under impact loading and multi-axial stress state for blast resistant design (Approved under IMPRINT scheme of MHRD)
  4. Development of advanced lightweight metallic materials for engineering applications: Leader of activity titled “Sandwich Foam Panel for Blast Resistant”, (CSIR Funded, Completed)
  5. Sisal potential for rural development and green technologies: Member for activity titled “Instant House for Disaster Victims” (CSIR Funded, Completed)
  6. Dynamic characterization of cenosphere syntactic foam at medium and high strain rates supplemented by numerical simulation: Project Leader (CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed)
  7. Aluminum, steel and titanium foam through powder metallurgical route (CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed)
  8. Development of polymer composite door using wood pulp and resin bonded pressboard waste (CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed)
  9. Design and development of thermo responsive & magnetic shape memory materials and devices for engineering applications: Was Member of activity development of SMA Foam.
  10. Development of novel CSIR technologies for manufacturing tailored and patient-specific bio ceramic implants and bio medical devices at affordable cost (BIOCERAM) – Work Package 1: Orthopaedic Implants. Was Member of activity of numerical simulation.
  11. HPC (High Performance Computing) facility for numerical simulation for AMPRI Bhopal using CSIR-CMMCS Super Computing Facility under CSIR Supercomputing facility for Innovative Research (CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed).
  12. Design and experimental evaluation of behaviour of low, medium and high strength fibre reinforced concrete at low, medium and high strain rates for future application in nuclear reactor wall: Project Leader ((CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed)
  13. Development of innovative casting technique for pumpable matrix (polymer and industrial waste) for the development of building material (CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal Funded, Completed)