M D Goel >>Undergraduate Projects

  1. "Partial Replacement of Cement by LD Slag-An Experimental Study" (Completed).
  2. Analysis of Masonry Wall under Blast Loading (Completed).
  3. Numerical Simulation of Bird Strike on a Curved Plate(Intern from SRM University Chennai) (Completed).
  4. "Design and Analysis of Wing Structures of Micro Air Vehicles" (Intern from Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi) (Completed).
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flue Gases from Exhaust System”, Co-supervisor- Mr. Pravin Kumar Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, B.U.I.T. Bhopal, M. P., India (Completed).
  6. Impact of Bird Strikes on Aerospace Planes Using Finite Element AnalysisDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal, M. P., India (Completed).
  7. Crushing of Tube under Axial Loading(Intern from BIT, Bhilai) (Completed).